Keep Your Email Secure With On-Device AI

Your customer's personal information deserves great care. In fact, international laws now make information security a human right.

However, you often use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to boost productivity - and those tools access customer information, such as email.

To get the benefits of AI, and keep your customer's information secure, consider On-Device AI.

Email Regulations

The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hold businesses to high standards when handling personal information such as email.

Businesses must handle email securely to comply with these regulations - that helps to keep everyone's personal information safe.

Information Audits

To comply with regulations, your business may conduct personal information audits, following guidelines such as prepared by the The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office.

Productivity tools are part of these audits, particularly tools that apply artificial intelligence.

During audits, you should ask these two questions:
1. Where do my productivity tools store data?
2. Who shares access to the data that my productivity tools use?

Cloud-Based vs. On-Device AI

Productivity tools that use artificial intelligence are either Cloud-Based or On-Device:

Cloud-Based AI stores your customer's data on third-party internet servers. You must audit the information you share with those servers - and the companies that access them. In order to share data, you may need to get user consent, or prepare Business Associate Agreements.

On the other hand, On-Device AI does not share customer data with additional computers - or third-parties. On-device AI tools perform their work and store customer data only on devices you control, such as mobile phones.

Mobile Device Benefits

On-device AI relies on recent advances in mobile phone processing power. The latest smartphones have processing speeds comparable to laptops. And in the last ten years, the amount of information stored on mobile phones has increased thirty-fold.

Combine these advances with strong device encryption, and on-device AI is now a powerful platform to boost your productivity.

Productivity and Security

Today, if your business handles sensitive customer data such as email, you need to keep a close eye on where that data is stored and who can access the data.

Fortunately, you can handle customer data and still get fantastic productivity benefits from modern AI tools.

On-device AI is a great way to get both productivity and security benefits, without sharing customer data with third-parties. Use a productivity tool that offers on-device AI, like EO for iOS, and keep your customer email secure.