Reuse Your Email

People on the go, saving time by reusing email.
Reusing mobile email saves considerable time.

Take this zinger for example:
"For details on how modifications will impact the contract price, please see section 18 and 20, on the following webpage."

It takes at least a minute to type that out on a phone!

Avoid a handful of those email responses, and you save five minutes a day - that's half an hour extra for your customers every week.

Proactive Search

EO for iOS is a new mobile app to proactively search your sent mail for reusable text.

This dramatically simplifies the setup of text fragment collections that you can reuse to save time when writing email. And EO keeps your fragment collection updated over time.

(It's also more than a little interesting to discover what you regularly send to customers!)

How well does EO retrieve content?

EO first separates your replies from messages you answered - EO only analyzes text from your own replies.

Then EO uses an efficient unsupervised learning technique to quickly find similar fragments of text in the last month of your sent email messages.

EO detects reusable text fragments with unsupervised learning Collect and edit reusable email fragments with EO

When EO detects suitable text fragments, it presents the fragments in the context of an email message. You choose what message portions to keep. You edit the text before giving EO thumbs-up to add it to your fragment collection.

With EO, you insert fragments into any message you write, and also use fragments as quick replies directly from your inbox. For signatures or legal disclaimers, EO can optionally add fragments to every message automatically.

Security and convenience

EO processes email on your own password-protected phone, and not on cloud servers. EO ensures the security your customer's email.

And one final tip: EO searches for suitable text in your clipboard and contacts too - very handy when reusing text from your desktop Mac via Universal Clipboard.

Try out EO today and see how much typing you can save!